Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unusable Stock Photo Caption Contest Round 1

"Completely unusable" stock photos have inspired me to challenge myself to a caption contest.

(Any submitted captions in the comments section would probably make me less than 100% guaranteed to win.. ahem).

Photo #1:

"This is a photograph I took of my step dad, Cody, the day we found out that he was picked to be the new coach of the high school JV badminton team. He's wearing a new pair of pants he purchased from Farm and Fleet."


"Dear Mom, I hate being at fat camp! I'm not even losing any weight and these other kids are fat A-holes. Here's a picture I photoshopped to make it look like I drive a Volvo. Thanks for the box of Cliff bars. Love, Jonathan"



  1. the road trip was pretty dull until we picked up the hitchhiking wereschnauzer.

  2. Congratulations "Charlie" - you win this round. But you're also disqualified for having the name "Charlie" and thus making it look like I commented on myself. All cash prizes are forfeited.